Arch Bishop Christopher Cardone. Photo credit: Province of St Joseph.

Arch Bishop Christopher Cardone. Photo credit: Province of St Joseph.

The Arch Bishop of the Catholic Church in Solomon Islands, Bishop Christopher Cardone has completed his tour of the Louna Catholic communities in Russell Islands over the weekend.

Being the first of his tour to Louna, thousands have turned up to attend his sermon yesterday.

SIBC stringer for Russell islands, Tome Kiki reports.

“Around 2,000 people from Catholic communities in Russell islands, Central province have rallied together at the Louna Catholic Church yesterday morning to celebrate Bishop Christopher Cardone’s final thanksgiving mass for Russell islands and also to open the Divine Mercy Ministry of the Louna Catholic Church. The church program started at 9 am with a procession led by the Louna Catholic Youth.”

Meanwhile, Mr Kiki said, in his sermon, Bishop Cardone told the people of Louna to live a holy life.

“In a very interesting and structured sermon, Bishop Cardone went on to encourage the Catholic congregations attending yesterday’s church service to live a good life because God wants everyone to live a holy life and to share God’s love and in his final conclusion, Bishop Cardone called on all Christians in Catholic churches in Russell islands to collaborate in God’s service and not to be proud in what they are doing.”

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