A scene in North Malaita. Photo credit: Panoramio.

A scene in North Malaita. Photo credit: Panoramio.

Tree growers in North Malaita have began harvesting their trees after almost 15 years of planting.

SIBC’s North Malaita Stringer John Kiri says the tree farmers are very thankful to the Ministry of Forestry for their assistance.

Mr Kiri says the farmers however will not export the trees at this time.

He says because of the shortage of trees in the area, the farmers will focus on using the trees to build their homes.

“People here are prioritising their homes as population in the area increases and land masses grow smaller. Hence people are keeping their planted forests for building purposes only and not for sale or export. They might consider exporting or sale later, but for now they are prioritising their homes.”

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