GRML mine facility. Photo credit: NA Finance.

GRML mine facility. Photo credit: NA Finance.

The Gold Ridge Community Investment Limited, co-owner of Gold Ridge Mining Ltd, is working on repatriating illegal settlers on the mining lease areas, especially the mining pits.

The repatriation is one of the Gold Ridge Community Investment Limited’s priorities ahead of the recommencement of Gold Ridge Mining.

Chair of the Gold Ridge Community Investment Limited Mr. Walton Naezon told SIBC News, more than 300 people have been identified to be settling in the mining pits.

Naezon said consultations with the settlers have been ongoing and they are aware of the mining recommencement operation.

“We have had consultations and awareness with those people and we’ve identified more than 300 people are settling there and last year or towards the beginning of this year in March we’ve entered into an agreement with them that they would leave the place once the mine starts.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Naezon said the majority of settlers are from Turarana, Central Guadalcanal.

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