Opposition Leader Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: Office of the Opposition.

Opposition Leader Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: Office of the Opposition.

Leader of Opposition Honorable Jeremiah Manele says the Government needs to focus more on infrastructure development to drive and sustain national economic and social development.

Mr Manele highlighted this in his debate on the 2015 Appropriation Bill 2015, in Parliament Wednesday this week.

The Member of Parliament for Hograno, Kia, Havulei says infrastructure development underpins economic development.

Mr Manele says, the country needs roads, wharves, bridges, airstrips, transportation, telecommunication services and a reliable and affordable energy source to drive and sustain economic and social development in the country.

He emphasise, there needs to be more focus on infrastructure development.

The Leader of Opposition says whilst he appreciates the huge allocation of $242 million to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development; it is critical however, that the funds are spent on strategic infrastructure projects that will actually contribute to economic growth, and not on political infrastructure projects.

He says, for Isabel Province these includes the completion of the Buala – Tirotongana road, the Kaevanga-Kilokaka road, Kia wharf, construction of Kaolo airstrip, and upgrade of Suavanao airstrip.

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