TRACHOMA display. Photo credit:

TRACHOMA displays . Photo credit:

The Ministry of Health and the Honiara City Council Health Department have began a drug distribution program to stop the trachoma disease in Honiara City.

Trachoma can cause permanent blindness to humans if it is not treated quickly.

Program Coordinator of Eye Care at the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Kelvin Jack told SIBC News yesterday, this drug distribution program has began.

Mr Jack says health officers will be visiting houses and communities in Honiara to distribute the drugs.

“For us in and around Honiara City, as of today teams of nurses are coming around in the communities and they will be going from house to house, so you might expect them to knock at your door. Just be informed that they are there to distribute the drugs to prevent this trachoma disease as well as blindness.”

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