Category: Healthcare

NRH recieved New PPE’s

Admin- August 20, 2020

Medical officers and donor partners The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has received five new medical ventilators from our donor partners today. The Ministry ... Read More

“It’s even risky to accessing basic healthcare services”: Beato Mae

Admin- June 29, 2020

"About sixty children from this village have died before reaching the nearest health center". Read More

New Hospital’s ‘Business case’ completes soon

Admin- December 20, 2019

National Referral Hospital There is no clear update as to where and when the relocation of the National Referral Hospital after years of project talks, ... Read More

Medical officers strike threat

Admin- September 28, 2019

Medical staff on duty at the National Referral Hospital The Solomon Islands Medical Association has issued a dialogue notice of twenty-eight days' for industrial action ... Read More

Bottled water products safe : HCC

Admin- August 9, 2019

  Health Division of the Honiara City Council has quickly condemned media reports which claimed most bottled water products sold by shops are not safe ... Read More

New Cervical cancer vaccine launched

Admin- May 15, 2019

A young school girl getting the first vaccination today. The Ministry of health and medical services has launched the new Human papilloma virus in Honiara ... Read More

New cancer vaccine set to be introduced next month

Admin- April 26, 2019

The HPV Vaccine. Photo: National Foundation for Cancer Research. Cervical cancer cases may be prevented and reduced in the future as a new vaccine is ... Read More