President of PPP Charles Dausabea. Photo: SIBC.

President of PPP Charles Dausabea. Photo: SIBC.

President of the Malaita Ma’asina Forum Charles Dausabea has said, he will not respond to a seven days written apology demanded by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce (SICCI).

SICCI recently demanded Mr Dausabea for a written apology for his false, damaging and irresponsible allegations against SICCI as an illegitimate organisation claiming it is not registered under the Company haus.

But in his response, Mr. Dausabea says the forum will not respond to the seven days notice for a written apology.

“Ma’asina Forum’s stand is that they will not appologies. If they want, they should ask the Company Haus and the Registrar of Trade Unions to apologies.”

Mr. Dausabea alleged, reports from the registrar of Trade Union says SICCI has not been registered under the Trade Union Act.

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