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The Honiara City Council maintains its stand that the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) does not have a business license to sell its controversial rice.

Chairman of the Law enforcement Division of HCC Charles Aiwosuga made the statement following SIPA’s ongoing rice selling last week ordered by CEO Collin Yow.

Mr. Aiwosuga stressed, under the HCC’s business ordinance, what SIPA is doing is illegal and the right thing is for them to come forward and obtain a business license from the Council.

He says what HCC wants is for SIPA to comply with their business ordinance, saying under the HCC Business Regulation ordinance section 3(1) No person shall carry on a business within Honiara City unless the business is licensed under this ordinance.

In the meantime, through a request by Chairman Aiwosuga to the Head of Division for Law enforcement Robert Madeo, an investigation will be carried out against SIPA about the continuous sale of rice without a Council Business License.

It was also confirmed by the HCC’s licensing officer that there are no records of SIPA obtaining a business license from the Council.

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