One of the Our Telekom towers. Photo credit: SIBC.

One of the Our Telekom towers. Photo credit: SIBC.

Our Telekom has successfully installed three mobile towers in North Malaita and Baegu Asifola Constituencies, Malaita Province this month.

SIBC News stringer John Andrew Kiri reports.

“In the month of August alone Our Telekom has launched three new towers in the region, and they were: Afufu launched on 8th, Ofatabu on 18th and Ata’a on 20th Monday just recently.”

Kiri says, customers in the two constituencies are thankful to Our Telekom Management for the initiative as will improve their communication need.

“Overall acknowledgements to the Our Telekom General Manager and his team in Honiara as well as Auki. The slogan “Our Telekom Barava Kabani Blo Iumi” is very true.”

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