Fishermen at sea. Photo credit:

Fishermen at sea. Photo credit:

Fishermen in North Malaita have reiterated their call for the Ministry of Fisheries to monitor the current illegal fishing activities by certain fishing boats in the region.

This follows earlier call from the ministry for the fishermen in the region to monitor and report any fishing vessels engaging in such fishing activities to the ministry.

But this week SIBC News stringer John Andrew Kiri reports the fishermen made the call as they are incapable to effectively monitor the issue in their area.

“From now and onwards you’ll be looking out to for the vessel’s registered number, flag and its colour. Such are their requirements but it is difficult for us because the vessels usually fish at nights and leave as early as 4 am or 5 am and so we now hand it over to the National Fisheries to monitor such fishing activities around our fishing grounds here.”

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