The Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Our Telekom has launched two newly built mobile towers in Choiseul Province – one at Ropa in South Choiseul, and the other at Ogho in North East Choiseul.

Launched over the weekend, Our Telekom says the newly installed towers will benefit the community especially in business, education, health, economic development and disaster warnings.

Our Telekom Manager Western region Chris Sogabule praised the two communities for working together with the company for the arrival of the towers.

Mr Sogabule also encouraged the people to look after the towers, especially for the services communities will benefit from the towers.

He said the service has helped solve banking issues of teachers and business people via mobile banking, accessible with a mobile phone.

Choiseul Province now has seven Telekom towers around the Island.

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