The Pacific Islands News Association official logo. Photo: Courtesy of PACMAS.

The Pacific Islands News Association official logo. Photo: Courtesy of PACMAS.

The Pacific Media Assistance Scheme, PACMAS, and the Solomon Islands Media Association, MASI, have jointly organised a regional Media Directors Training in the country.

Media industry bodies in the Pacific face a number of challenges with regards to their role as professional associations of media practitioners.

A recent report on the state of National Media Associations in the Pacific found that some of these bodies are struggling for relevance.

Their sustainability, depending predominantly on donor support, has resulted in distracting focus from priorities such as advocacy, linkages and professional ethics.

The Report states that among the challenges – leadership, governance and management issues debilitate the capacity of media industry bodies to fulfill their mandate and perform their roles effectively.

This training is targeted at strengthening the capacity of the Media Association of the Solomon Islands Executives and broader membership.

Training goals and objectives include developing the capacity of media in the region .

It is also aimed at strengthening governance, improve the understanding of roles and responsibilities of Directors and Executives- strengthen their capacity to effectively manage the performance of the organization and its finances.

The one day training has been attended by National Media Association Executives and Heads of member organisations.

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