A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo: SIBC.

A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo: SIBC.

Police in Buala, Isabel Province are still searching for the man wanted for murder, after he allegedly stabbed his daughter who later died in Buala hospital last week.

Speaking to SIBC News Provincial Police Commander Jeremiah Rofomana confirmed that a search party is still ongoing to find the perpetrator who is still at large since the incident.

He says more than 15 police officers are deployed to Gurena village, to search for the man, adding community members are also engaged to support the police officers with their search mission.

“This week we have involved communities surrounding the location, we’ve engaged the community to help and support police efforts in searching for the man because police alone cannot be able to do it so we appealed for community support so that we have wide coverage to locate the person in order to capture him.

Meanwhile, with the unsolved murder case, Isabel police are also attending to other crimes occurring in the province.

Isabel Provincial Police Commander, Jeremiah Rofomana told SIBC News his officers have so far received land dispute reports in relation to disagreements from logging operations in the province.

He says police have already attended to reports in Kia, West of Isabel Province, Totoru village in Hograno district and in Jejevo, all relating to disputes over land.

Mr Rofomana adds, since taking up the PPC role he wants to set up a new approach to tackle crime in the province.

SIBC News understands there are 28 police officers serving at the Buala Police station.

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