Commissioner Matnaga said Police records have shown an increase of criminal activities in East Honiara. Photo: Courtesy of RSIPF Media

Commissioner Matanga said Police records have shown an increase of criminal activities in East Honiara. Photo: Courtesy of RSIPF Media

The 2013 Police Act will be launched next week.

Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga announced the launching today in Honiara.

Commissioner Matanga told her weekly press conference today, next week’s launching follows a long and challenging discussion process to review and compile the Act.

“As of next week I’d like to let you know that following a long and challenging process of compiling or reviewing the Police Act, we have now come to its final stage where we will be launching the Police Act.”

The Acting Police Commissioner also urged local media to assist the Police to highlight the new Police Act, saying it is important for all citizens to know about it.

“Am welcoming you the media to come along for this launching program because it is important that people understand the Police Act, as it will govern police officers on how they work. At the same time it also indicates certain areas of how penalties can be imposed, which were not covered in the Act,” she said.

Meanwhile, in another related  news, police have recorded an increase in criminal activities in East Honiara over the weekend.

Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga said crimes involved liquor consumption in public places, illegal road blocks, rock throwing and threatening and demanding money from public vehicles.

Commissioner Matanga says such behavior continues to threaten the peace and safety in Honiara.

“Public disturbances particularly in the Eastern side of Honiara are increasing according to our records, and the criminal behaviors we’ve recorded includes consuming liquor in public places, road blocks, rock throwing, threatening and demanding money along the main roads from public vehicles. Such behaviors are quite a concern and worrying because they indicate that some members of the public are causing harm to the peace and safety that we enjoy.”

The Acting Police Commissioner also issued a call for a change in behavior from those involved in the crimes, saying involving only in good activities will benefit the nation.

“Again I’d like to say to those who engage in such behaviors to try and do something good, involving in activities that brings goodness to their families and the country,” said the Acting Police Commissioner.

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