Former Member of Parliament for West Are'are John Maneniaru. Photo credit: Parliament.

Former Member of Parliament for West Are’are John Maneniaru. Photo credit: Parliament.

Reports of interference with political campaigns in the West Are’are constituency on Malaita have raised concerns for a community leader in the region.

A Peter Waikiri told SIBC News that supporters of a certain candidate are interfering and causing disturbance for another candidate, which is really concerning.

“It seems they are trying to campaign against each other, trying to block each other from talking to people in the community.”

Mr Waikiri added, they have yet to receive a response from the police after the incidents were reported.

“We have reported this to the police but whether they would follow up on it and come down or not, is what we are not sure of.”

SIBC News understands, police say will deal with any serious reports regarding any disturbance from supporters of certain candidates to others.

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