Mr. Tangironga addressing the Permanent Secretaries. Photo: SIBC.

Mr. Tangironga addressing the Permanent Secretaries. Photo: SIBC.

Permanent Secretaries have been told to look after their work force well by planning how well they distribute labour in their ministries.

Speaking at a Permanent Secretaries’ workshop yesterday, Public Service Commission Chairperson, Eliam Tangirongo said permanent secretaries must plan their labour distribution well in their ministries.

“Plan well on how you can distribute labour in your ministries. If an employee’s strength or knowledge is specific in certain areas, never place them where they know little, that would affect their performance. Place them in a position that they will perform so that you can deliver, because it is obvious that the performance is not that of the PS’s alone, everybody who works under them, from financial controller to human resource manager, to the driver and the office cleaner, all contributes to the performance.”

The Permanent Secretaries were also told that their assessment also means assessing their respective ministry performances.

SIBC News understands a Performance Agreement that was supposed to be signed by Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo with the Permanent Secretaries was not possible because the Prime Minister was not able to attend the event yesterday.

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