Two men found with a .303 rifle in central Honiara

A rifle similar to the one found by Police.

Police have arrested two men in possession of firearms early on Monday morning near Hibiscus Avenue.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said that the two suspects arrested were under the influence of alcohol and were in possession of a shortened 303 rifle.

“Our Police response team were patrolling Honiara around 2:30am (on Monday) morning and they identified the vehicle that was driving through the Kukum area towards the city,” he said.

“With the help of the Kukum Traffic Police, they arrested the two men and found the firearm in the boot of the car.”

He said that the two men were already in custody, and Police investigation was underway to determine the origin of the rifle, and whether it was used prior to the arrest.

Mr. Varley also said the two men were expected to be charged with Firearm and traffic offenses.

The two men will appear in court later today.

Listen to the full story on SIBC’s news bulletin at 6pm and the World Blo You Me after the pijin news at 7pm.

By Lowen Sei

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