Court Hammer. Photo credit:

Court Hammer. Photo credit:

The recent torturous murder cases this month indicate a failing family unit, community and nation. A Honiara man Mr Henry Kahui says the recent killings reported in the media is shocking and unless perpetrators are dealt with adequately, the future will be more challenging. “It’s not a good start for us. Just imagine crimes such as murder has been committed within the Christmas and New Year’s Eve, like for example one took place in Makira on New Year’s day and another at Tenaru area on the New Year’s Eve while another one in Central Kwara’ae. There’s also another attempted murder case which occured in East Kwara’ae as well as the burning down of the Agriculture office building at Auki.” He adds this is an indication that the judiciary system and the law of the country should be strengthened. “I see that our judiciary system and the laws of our country needs tightening up as well as reviewed and be strengthened.”

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