Students of San Isidro Care Centre. Photo: Courtesy of Tom Perry.

Students of San Isidro Care Centre. Photo: Courtesy of Tom Perry.

The Director of the San Isi Dro Care Centre in Aruligo has called on the people of Solomon Islands, to understand that the Care Centre is for every student with special needs in Solomon Islands.

Director, Brother George Van Der Zant made the clarification after receiving a lot of confusions from members of the public that the Centre is only for “Catholic students.”

Speaking to SIBC News today Brother George says San Isi Dro Care Centre is not only for catholic students but welcomes anyone with special need regardless of denomination and origin.

“People thinking that the San Isidro is only for Catholic school or only for Catholic students, Aruligo is a school for the deaf and these boys and girls who are say 14-15 years or 20 or even 30 who are deaf and want to learn something, especially on the practical side, everybody is welcome.”

The aim of the Care Centre is to equip students with special needs know how to make a living for themselves, families and community as a whole.

SIBC News understands San Isi Dro Care Centre, begun in Aruligo in 2007 and has graduated more than 40 students to date.

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