King George Sixth School: Education stymied by weak administration.


King George VI school.

Critics of state owned King George Sixth National Secondary School are calling on the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development to prioritise students’ welfare as future leaders of Solomon Islands.

A statement from the critics said the education ministry was short sighted on issues facing students especially staff discipline.

It said some staff attended classes drunk while others consistently miss classes.

The source said at the moment the school leadership is under an acting Principal who is never in office and has performed below expectation.

It further claimed there is disunity among teachers- one party supporting the current leadership while the other is against it, calling on the Ministry of Education to urgently appoint a capable principal to lead the institution.

Meanwhile, Deputy Principal Acting Mr Augustine Omearo said the school administration had no knowledge of any staff attending classes drunk.

Mr Omearo said this allegation was serious but the school has its process to deal with staff discipline.

Responding to teachers absenteeism allegations, the Deputy Principal acting said the school has a monitoring system for teachers kept by the school administration and the students.

Mr Omearo said no teacher was ever absent without a good reason.

He added, the current administration would continue discharging its responsibility until the Ministry of Education appoints a permanent Principal.

“As far as the school is concerned the issue  is the responsibility of the Ministry of education, it is their job to deal with it,”he said.

“Every teachers are expected to carry out normal duties, people might take personal interest in the issue, but the school has practices that doesn’t entertain personal interests.”

By: Allen Waitara. 


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