The YWCA logo. Photo credit: Give a Little.

The YWCA logo. Photo credit: Give a Little.

Representatives from Regional Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) today attended a regional leadership training for young women in Honiara.

The training is to strengthen the advancement of Pacific YWCAs work to develop women in their leadership roles in the region under the theme “Our Future: Moving forward in advancing Intergenerational Approaches to Bold and Transformative Leadership”.

Officiating at the workshop opening this morning,World YWCA Vice President, Susan Brenan said one of the workshop’s objective is to promote intergenerational leadership among young women.

“This is to really think hard and start to articulate to give words to our understanding of inter-generational leadership, inter-generational Leadership as a tool that builds leadership generally but in particular promotes young women’s leadership.”

Mrs Brenan adds, the training will also help young women to participate in good leadership roles.

YWCA delegates from Papua New Guinea,Samoa and Solomon Islands are attending the workshop which will ends this Friday.

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