Festival of Pacific Arts 2016. Photo credit:

Festival of Pacific Arts 2016. Photo credit:

The Director of Culture within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Mr. Dennis Marita has responded to a Nepotism Claim in the selection of Solomons representative at the Pacific Arts Festival in Guam.

Marita says the list for the delegation to Guam has been put together after a Task Force Committee Meeting matters were endorsed.

He clarifies, they have been using a more rotational mode for selection of cultural groups (traditional dance) from the provinces, as it is not possible to get every province on board due to number restrictions.

Mr. Marita says, it is crucial to understand that registering group  does not automatically qualifies participation.

Cultural sensitivity is also one aspect of consideration when selecting cultural groups based on the nature of the dance/performance, style and cultural requirements attached.

He explains, all who have come to the Culture Department for advice have not been mis-led in any way.

He adds this is a Government Programme and political influence has always been a part of such exercise with any ruling Government.

Marita highlights, the Government through the Culture Department will always strive to maintain impartiality and fairness in its role in promoting the country’s cultural diversity.

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