11 arrests during Solomon Cup


Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

Solomon Islands Police made 11 arrests for drink driving during the Solomon Cup tournament in Honiara.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said most of the arrests were conducted near Lawson Tama stadium within the three weeks of competition.

He said  drink driving was a major issue for the capital and the public were still not adhering to Police messages and awareness on drink driving.

“During the month of May we had 36 cases, and in June we had 28 positive cases of alcohol related driving,’ he said.

“We are still seeing people out on the roads drinking and driving at all hours of the day, and night.”

He said drink driving made it more a more dangerous environment for other drivers and pedestrians.

Mr Varley also said the Police would continue to step up their campaign for a safer road in the capital and would continue to run random breath test in the coming months.

SIBC understands there were also 82 cases of road accidents recorded in Honiara since May, which most were drink driving and alcohol related.

By: Lowen Sei.



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