15 parties vying for election


Solomon Islands Democratic Party manifesto launching.

The Political Parties Commission, PPC, has confirmed a total of fifteen political parties have been registered to contest the National General Elections next month.

Registrar of the Political Parties Commission, Nairy Alamu confirmed in a recent radio talk-back show on the National Broadcaster.

She said few other parties had also submitted their applications to register with the Commission.

“Right now we have fifteen registered political parties in the country and one of two also are making their submissions but they won’t be considered until after the results of the comming elections. As of today, we have fifteen registered political parties,” she said.

“It simply means that this country has a group of fifteen organised bodies that have their symbols, they have their own constitutions, they have their party manifestos, their policies and their political work programs etc.”

Meanwhile, Ms Alamu said , from a civic awareness conducted, people in the country knew very little about what political parties were, their roles or why we need political parties.

“And that civic awareness is exactly on what is a political party, what roles they play, the importance of a political party or political parties per say and with few other topic. We covered four provinces including pockets of Honiara,”she said.

“It was the first time ever that such a civic or education awareness program has happened that is funded by SIG, government funded civic awareness. The people’s reaction is very interesting, in a sense that they said they never know why political parties existed”.

By: Rickson Bau. 

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