2,479 in the Labour Mobility Work Ready Pool


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade through the Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) has informed the public that there are currently 2,479 work ready candidates in the Labour Mobility Work Ready Pool.

The work ready candidates are those that have submitted all the required documents during the past recruitment drive, passed their face to face interview and fitness test, and are currently waiting in the pool for any opportunities depending on demand or requests from Approved Employers in Australia.

To be shortlisted in the work ready pool, candidates must meet all Employer requirements before they can be considered for final selection.

The final selections are done by the Approved Employers.

The LMU calls on the public to understand that once a candidate is in the Work Ready Pool and is work ready, it does not mean that they will be automatically selected.

Therefore, there is no guarantee for job placements until selected and the waiting time can take up to six months or even a year or more. Once the Approved Employer selects a candidate, he or she will be contacted.

A previous Pre-departure briefing for local workers selected out of the work ready pool to work in Australia.

The LMU has also experienced many cases where candidates were contacted for mobilization purposes but their mobile phones were switched off.

It also advises work ready candidates who have changed their contact details to visit the LMU office to update contacts or enquire on their applications.

The Labour Mobility Unit also informs the public that all applications for August 2021 recruitment have been screened.

If anyone misses out, it is because of incomplete submission and the LMU encourages them to re-apply.

The next labour mobility recruitment drive will be from 27th February to 10th March 2023.

The two modes of submission are online submissions and email submissions.



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