Seized drugs set for destruction



Police is ready to destroy the five hundred Kilograms of cocaine seized from a Yacht in Honiara last year.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley revealed, the cocaine destruction will be in the coming weeks.

Mr Varley says the destruction will be done locally and police have concluded all research and planning on how they will destroy the illegal drugs.

He says the street value of the seized drugs is worth billions in Solomon Dollars and a huge dent in the illegal drug trade across the Pacific by South American drug dealers.

“if you think about the costs of drugs in a market like Australia, we knoe from our colleagues in the Asutralian Federal Police that the wholesale and retails costs of cocaine is many times greater than the original cost in Colombia,” he said.

“We are talking about a seizure that is tens of millions of Australian dollars, so if you multiply that by Solomon dollars, you’re talking about a couple of billions in Solomon dollars in terms of street value in Australia.”

With this huge drug bust, Mr Varley says there are no evidence that the drug could possibly be used or sold locally.

“The prominent drug market in the country continues to be cannabis or marijuana, however i’m concerned and we are always on alert on the possibility on the emerging drug market ,” he said.

“Cocaine is a particular¬† drug with a particular market , but the most common drug in the pacific is methamphetamine.”

By: Lowen Sei. 

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