350 Royal College standing. Photo credit: Delhi Greens.

350 Royal College standing. Photo credit: Delhi Greens.

A group aiming at helping to advocate for Climate Change in the Solomon Islands say they have plans to educate people on Climate Change issues in the country.

Called 350 Solomon, it aims to spread the message of action to people on Climate Change crisis.

Group Coordinator, Stalin Konainao told Unified Voice they will ensure the global message of Climate Change perils be made known to Solomon Islanders.

“The main purpose is to advocate for the fight against Climate crisis that we currently face, so what we do is organise day of actions globally and in the Pacific and the day of action will involve peaceful rallies; in the Pacific we will organise warrior’s day of action to show the world that despite being front liners of Climate Change we are not going to back down, we are going to make our voices heard, so that is what we are doing.”

He adds, the program is important as it spreads the voice on Climate Change issues throughout the world.

Established last year as a result of 350 Pacific Climate Change, 350 Solomon wants to spread the message of Climate Change issues in the Pacific and the world.

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