Stop Gender based Violence. Photo credit: tribune.com.pk

Stop Gender-based Violence. Photo credit: tribune.com.pk

A total of 62 Police Safety Notices has been issued by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) over the festive season.

The notices were issued due to a number of domestic violence cases reported to the Police.

According to National Community Policing records, a total of 160 cases of domestic violence were received over the festive season.

Supervising Director of National Community Policing, Staff Sergeant Martin Haga told SIBC News, Police has the power to issue such notices under the Family Protection Act to protect the victims of domestic violence.

But he says such figures do not necessarily mean that family violence is increasing, rather an indication that victims are aware now more than before that domestic violence is against the law.

“In previous years this data was surging but it doesn’t mean that domestic violence is increasing. What it tries to imply here is that victims or affected persons began to understand that domestic violence is against the law and they are coming forward to report it to the Police.”

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