‘Anti-Corruption Bill return doubtful’: Opposition


Leader of the Opposition group, Jeremiah Manele.

The Parliamentary Opposition says it is doubtful the Anti-Corruption Bill will return to the current Parliament.

Opposition Leader, Hon. Jeremiah Manele made the comments at a media conference this week.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare withdrew the bill in Parliament on Monday.

The Prime Minister’s office put out a press release today defending its decision and criticising the Opposition’s stance.

However, addressing members of the local media, Hon. Manele said they thought the bill would never return to Parliament.

“The Opposition is of the view that the Prime Minister and his government will never ever bring back the bill as he promised, ” he said.

“Therefore, we challenge him as he promised to bring the bill back to Parliament. This is the wish of our people and of course our country badly needs such a piece of legislation.”

Mr Manele said, they were going to hold the Prime Minister accountable for his promise to reintroduce the bill.

He said the Prime Minister promised the House the bill will be back to Parliament.

“We’re going to hold him to account to that one, we’re going to put pressure on him whenever there is an opportunity in Parliament, either in Parliament or even through the media to remind him,” he said.

“We’ll continue to ensure that we remind the Prime Minister and the government to keep to his words.”


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