A map of Guadalcanal. Photo credit: Ibiblio.

A map of Guadalcanal. Photo credit: Ibiblio.

An official delegation from the Australian Government has visited a community high school in Vatukulau Ward, South Guadalcanal.

SIBC’s stringer in South Guadalcanal, Nathaniel Manu reports Kuma Primary and Community High School was identified as a target school in South Guadalcanal that would receive school materials donated by the Australian Government.

Manu reports the delegation was greeted by school children, staff and parents with singing and speeches yesterday.

“The main purpose of the visit is to inform or notify the communities concerned that a supply of school materials will arrive next week. Committees within the area including the school staff, school committee and parents are looking forward to the assistance as well as the funding support from the Australian Government.”

SIBC News understands a Royal Australian Navy vessel will deliver the supplies to the community later this month.

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