BBC Media Strengthening Partnership launched in Honiara


The first ever BBC Media Action ‘Media Strengthening in Solomon Islands Project’ was launched in Honiara this week, a landmark engagement for the BBC in the Pacific. 

The project will support media and journalists across the Solomon Islands to continue the development of high-quality media for the people of Solomon Islands.

SIBC journalists, radio presenters and programmers attending the training

Media training sessions started yesterday led by BBC’s Senior Media Trainer Naomi Goldsmith, for journalists, programme producers and presenters at the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) and will be conducted for members of the Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) later in the month.

Speaking to launch this engagement, Chief Executive Officer of SIBC, Johnson Honimae welcomed BBC back to support the local media.

“We welcome the BBC back at SIBC and to support the local media at large. The partnership will strengthen our media and benefit both our nations. The project culminated from discussions held between the British High Commission in Solomon Islands and Nauru, BBC Media Action and SIBC earlier this year.

SIBC CEO Johnson Honimae making the welcome remarks

British High Commissioner to Solomon Islands and Nauru, His Excellency Thomas Coward said he is pleased with the partnership between SIBC and BBC.

“I am pleased we are rekindling this partnership between the SIBC and BBC. This is a busy time in Solomon Islands, including as we move toward the 2023 Pacific Games. Quality media is important to engage the people of Solomon Islands and keep them informed. There are great journalists in Solomon Islands and we are grateful to work with them in partnership.”

British High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Thomas Coward making his remarks

Country Director for BBC Media Action in Cambodia, Gemma Hayman said the project will be the first in the Pacific.

“Whilst the BBC has worked with SIBC before, this short pilot is BBC Media Action’s first project in the Pacific.  We are thrilled to be working with SIBC and MASI and hope that this targeted training will be useful, alongside insights that will be generated from research we are undertaking on the media landscape and audience habits in the Solomon Islands.”

BBC Media Action Country Manager Gemma Hayman making her remarks

BBC Media Action is the BBC’s international charity. Through it the BBC works to support a world where informed and empowered people live in healthy, resilient and inclusive communities. The project is funded by the UK Government.


A statement from the British High Commission, Honiara

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