Caretaker PM calls for review of codified customs of Choiseul people

Caretaker PM calls for review of codified customs of Choiseul people


Caretaker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare hailed Choiseul Province for the initiative it took some years ago to codify its customs and traditions, however, the incumbent PM also called for its review.

Sogavare suggested the review of the codified customs and traditions of Lauru people, during the Suqu (thank you) ceremony and his cultural coronation as a Bovoe at Pangoe, East Choiseul recently. 

The care- taker Prime Minister said the need for the review is important given the continuous rise of land disputes in the Province.

Sogavare was implying that the written customs and traditions of Lauru people are not adequate to address land disputes which are rampant in Choiseul Province. 

Bovoe (care- taker PM) shared a light moment with madam Emmy after his installation as bovoe at the suqu ceremony

The care- taker Prime Minister also paid homage to former Member of Parliament and reverend of the United Church, Reverend Leslie Boseto who was instrumental in seeing the codification of customs and traditions of the people of Lauru.

Sogavare further paid tribute to the chiefs around Choiseul Province who have contributed in one way or another in the compilation of the important ‘booklet’.

The caretaker PM acknowledged the chiefs of East Choiseul as well, for their continuous support to his candidacy in the last 26 years in parliament.

He assured his people that the decisions he has made during his tenure as PM in the past four years, were done in their best interest. Further ensuring his people, that the quality leadership he has displayed are a reflection of the mandate entrusted upon him by men, women, children and elders of the constituency and above all, God’s stewardship.  

Meanwhile the caretaker Prime Minister will seek his record fifth term in parliament in the up- coming national general election. 


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat 

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