A cassava farm. Photo credit: Agronigeria.

A cassava farm. Photo credit: Agronigeria.

A research team from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock are in West Kwaio in Malaita Province to carry out a cassava assessment.

Speaking to SIBC News from Buma today, Chief Communication Officer for the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry Ben Rakai says the team is assessing eight varieties of cassava that were planted in the region, late last year.

Mr Rakai says the event is part of the of the National Agriculture Research Institute- EU ARD project which deals with climate change related risk impacts in the country.

“Today is cassava day. Cassava which have been planted late last year will be harvested today for evaluation purposes. There are eight different local varieties of our cassava and some were from overseas, especially SPC. About six varieties are from overseas while two are local varieties.”

SIBC News understands NARI project is also carried out in Guadalcanal and Western Provinces.

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