City Mayor Mua. Photo: Courtesy of Taiwanese Embassy.

City Mayor Mua. Photo: Courtesy of Taiwanese Embassy.

The Honiara City Mayor, Andrew Mua has dismissed reports he is facing a motion of no -confidence this Friday.

Mr Mua made the comment following media reports the Councilor for Vavaya Ridge Ward, Johnathan Zama, is moving a motion of no-confidence against his leadership.

The Honiara City Mayor told SIBC News a motion was received by the Honiara City Clerk last month, but there were no grounds against him as the matters raised were administrative matters.

“The motion doesn’t have particulars, it’s only general. For me to respond to it means reframing it properly, so I think the media has miss quoted the whole thing and right now there is no motion this coming Friday and I think it’s just propaganda against me, but yes there’s a motion put in place but it has no grounds against me because the matters raised are mainly administrative issues.”

SIBC News understands Jonathan Zama filed the motion last month claiming the City Mayor failed to publicly tender a building contract for the construction of the Dental Clinic as required under the government’s Financial Instructions.

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