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Gao-Bugotu Constituency to launch CDF funded projects

Fredrick Kusu- August 16, 2022

Gao-Bugotu Constituency (GBC) in Isabel Province will soon launch some of its major livelihood and investment projects funded through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Programme ... Read More

Kilu’ufi Hospital Receives Brand New Vehicle from PRC

Fredrick Kusu- August 5, 2022

Kilu’ufi Hospital in Malaita Province on Wednesday this week received a brand new vehicle from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China (PRC) to ... Read More

PRC Provides Riot Equipment to RSIPF

Fredrick Kusu- December 30, 2021

The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) officially received riot equipment from the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) during a small handing over ceremony at ... Read More