Gao-Bugotu Constituency to launch CDF funded projects


Gao-Bugotu Constituency (GBC) in Isabel Province will soon launch some of its major livelihood and investment projects funded through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Programme of the government.

These projects include the Kolteve market house, Lepi wharf, Tatamba office complex, Lubiria church project and the handing over of the first phase of its road project programme.

These are some of the major projects that are set for launching this year, apart from other projects that GBC successfully implemented and accomplished in past years under the CDF development programme of the national government administered by the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD). 

The new office complex at Tatamba that soon to be opened

Constituency Project Officer (CPO) Francis Pilau said the projects are funded by the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and People’s Republic of China (PRC) as donors under the CDF Programme.

CPO Pilau said GBC main priority as aligned to its annual work plan is to progress economic development and provide avenues where rural people can participate in economic activities to improve their social and economic livelihoods.

Construction work on the Lepi wharf now about to complete

He said that another main purpose of GBC is to make government services accessible in the rural areas adding the funding of the Tatamba office complex is a fine example to guarantee rural people access needed services in their communities rather than travelling to Honiara or provincial capital, Buala.

The newly constructed office complex which will be soon officially handed over will house the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs offices and the Isabel provincial treasury bureau. He added that the Ministry of health service is already accessible at Tatamba.

Construction work on Lepi wharf now in finishing stages ahead of the launching soon


CPO Pilau also shared the constituency’s achievements which include the successful implementation of its ongoing housing project program with over 80 per cent of households benefited from it. GBC also helps communities to build rest houses and churches through the CDF support. 

Lubiria Church building funded under CDF Fund. This photo was taken during the Monitoring and Evaluation activity conducted by the Ministry of Rural Development in November last year, 2021

Other accomplishment includes;

  • The completion of Tatamba Area Health Center funded under the CDF support to strengthen the implementation of the Health Program to support the delivery of better services in the constituency.
  • Establishment of the Tatamba rural Police Post funded under the CDF program which is now operational to combat unwanted social issues in the constituency. 
  • Establishment of a first ever Court House at Tatamba funded by SIG and People’s Republic of China through the CDF Programme. The Court house is now operational. 
  • Support to Lepi Fishery Center and the ongoing Rural Lightning Program to ensure constituents have access to efficient, cheap and reliable lighting.

Stretch of road go towards Kolteve Market and Sir Duddley Tuti Colleague

MRD is fully committed to see that all rural Solomon Islanders become meaningfully participated in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihoods.

Samuel Manetoali who is the Minister for the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs is the current Member of Parliament (MP) for Gao-Bugotu Constituency.


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