Catholic Priests reminded to serve as Christ’s messenger

Catholic Priests reminded to serve as Christ’s messenger


The Catholic Church of Solomon Islands marked a significant moment on Monday as it hosted its annual Chrism Mass at the Cathedral of Holy Cross. 

His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP presided over the Holy Mass, joined by 15 brother priests from across the diocese and one deacon. The liturgical singing was led by Seminarian Brothers from the Holy Name of Mary Seminary, adding to the solemnity of the occasion.

In his Homily, Archbishop Cardone OP shed light on the significance of “chrism,” emphasizing its Greek origin, meaning “anointing” or “ointment”. He underscored the sacred role of chrism in various sacramental rites within the Catholic Church, such as baptism, confirmation, Holy Orders, and the anointing of the sick. Despite being traditionally scheduled for Holy Thursday, logistical considerations led to the celebration being held on Holy Monday, accommodating priests residing closer to the Cathedral.

Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP sharing Homily during Chrism Mass at Holy Cross

Archbishop Cardone OP reminded his fellow Priests of their ordination day, urging them to reflect on their commitment to serve as Christ’s messengers. “The Lord has called us and anointed us…to become his voice, his messengers,” he remarked, highlighting the profound responsibility bestowed upon priests in their ministry.

During the Mass, priests renewed their priestly vows, affirming their dedication to be faithful stewards of God’s mysteries and to discharge faithfully the office of teaching. Archbishop Cardone OP blessed the sacramental oils used in various rites throughout the diocese, including baptism, confirmation, anointing of the sick, and the ordination of priests, underscoring their sanctity and significance.

Priests Renewing their Priestly Vows during Chrism Mass

His Grace Archbishop Cardone OP expressed gratitude to the Religious brothers and sisters from Holy Orders and the Lay faithful for their presence and support. He urged Catholics to continue praying for priests and their mission, acknowledging the vital role they play in the spiritual life of the community.

The annual Chrism Mass serves as a poignant reminder of the sacred bonds shared within the Catholic community and the enduring commitment of priests to their vocation. The sacramental oils will be distributed to the other 2 Diocese (Diocese of Gizo and Diocese of Auki) and to parishes…


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