CBSI warn of fake bank notes

Solomon Islands currency notes.

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands has flagged the augment of counterfeit bank notes closer to the festive season.

CBSI’s Currency and Banking Operations Department warned, fake bank notes were usually circulated around Christmas season when business is at its peak.

It warned, higher notes such as 50 and 100 dollar denominations were the target for counterfeiters.

Uriel Matanani from CBSI’s media unit cautions the public to assist police prosecute individuals who forge the local currency.

“As we near the festive season, with the increase in the exchanges of cash help CBSI, with the Police identify individuals who use those fake notes,” he said.

“If you come across any fake notes, please bring it to CBSI or to the police if you are in the rural areas, you must properly describe the person who gave you the notes and always inform others as well.”

He added, the public must take time to study and assess the security features of genuine bank notes leading up to the Christmas season to avoid being fooled with fake money.


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