Chief Justice Sir Palmer. Photo: Courtsey of southpacific

Chief Justice Sir Palmer. Photo: Courtesy of southpacific

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer says the recent release of the 2012-2013 audit report is shameful and the Government must set its house in order.

Chief Justice Palmer says the recent audit report speaks volumes about the way Government Ministries account for Government monies.

He says it is disgraceful.

“Surely someone or some person in the chain must be held accountable for those monies not properly accounted for. Money cannot just disappear into thin air and someone at the end of the day in those respective Ministries is responsible for requiring accountability of Government funds. I do not think there is any problem with systems and processes and accountable mechanisms that have been put in place under the Financial instructions, Stores instructions, General Orders and the relevant Public Finance and Audit Act. Someone is simply not doing their duty to check and account for those monies.”

The Chief Justice says the Courts will give priority to the disposal of corruption cases this year.

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