Civil society continues call for anti-corruption bill

The civil society committee leads a meeting on responses to the Anti-Corruption Bill withdrawal last month

Civil society organisations in the country continue to pressure the government to bring back an anti-corruption bill after the withdrawal of the Anti-Corruption Bill 2017 in Parliament at the end of August.

And citizens’ requests to reintroduce the bill will not stop, according to the chairman of the organisations’ anti-corruption bill committee, Dr Huddie Namo.

During a talkback show the committee held on SIBC on Sunday, Dr Namo said if the government fails to re-table the bill when Parliament resumes on Monday, local civil society organisations will hold a public forum and rally support to convince the government to reintroduce the bill in a future session of Parliament.

“Your anger or other thoughts you want to share we provide an avenue for you to share it with the public,” Dr Namo said. “That’s the first thing.”

As part of the committee’s efforts to ensure an anti-corruption bill is reintroduced, members of civil society organisations will observe the sitting of Parliament at 9 a.m. on Monday.

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