Civil society to petition government on Anti-Corruption Bill


Civil society members discuss ways to revive the Anti-Corruption Bill at a meeting on 31 August.

Civil society representatives will petition the government to reintroduce and pass the Anti-Corruption Bill 2016. 

Members of civil society organisations in the country recently formed a committee to advocate for the bill’s reintroduction and drafted a petition with three key demands.

According to committee chair Dr Huddie Namo, the petition asks the government to bring back the bill during the next sitting of Parliament in October as the Prime Minister promised. It urges Members of Parliament to support the passage of the ACB if it is reintroduced.

The petition also requests that the government consult civil society organisations to finalise changes to the bill.

Dr Namo said members of civil society drafted the petition to urge the government to “recognise the concerns of the people of the Solomon Islands.”

“As a result, we prepared a petition and have already finalised it,” he said. “So at this stage, the petition is ready for signing.”

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