Corruption investigations on public officials continues

Solomon Islands Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga. Photo: SIBC

Investigations are continuing into the ten highly ranked public officials who are under police radar for corruption allegations.

Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga said the investigations may take time as they depend on the information and evidence provided before making any arrests.

Ms Matanga said they were relying on evidence being provided by key witnesses and members of the public.

She said any latest update on the cases would be made known to the public once an arrest was made.

“There are many areas that we use to get our information from, from the public and witnesses because as you know they don’t live in one area,”she said.

“There are also some institutions that we work with, it is important that the public must understand that it might take time, and we are doing what we can.”

By: Lowen Sei.


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