The Court of Arms of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Court of Arms of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Consultations on the second 2014 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands for students and academics living abroad has begun for students at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) in Port Moresby, Monday this week.

A statement from the Constitutional Reform Unit (CRU) says President of UPNG S.I Students Association Hitchen Dauara, thanked the officials for the consultation.

He encouraged the students to participate effectively, being part of this important national undertaking that will hopefully improve the future governing system of the country.

After the introductory session, CRU Consultant Lawyer Reginald Teutao gave a brief overview to provoke the students’ thoughts on the current unitary system and the proposed federal system.

The statement says students eagerly asked questions and made comments on aspects of the transitional process into federalism, political systems, developmental and other issues which are inadequately addressed in the current system.

Meanwhile, Fundamental Reform’s Policy Secretary Warren Paia and National Consultant John Kouni, who is also the meeting’s secretary assisted in answering the questions.

The students were encouraged to think in terms of federalism when going through the awareness consultation.

Mr. Paia continued his presentation “From Unitary to Federalism” on 29 March, followed by legal and technical guidance on the draft by Mr. Teutao.

Fifty students studying in fields of administration, human resource management, law, journalism, sciences, anthropology and social sciences and a staff member attended the session.

The awareness meetings end today at the Waigani campus.

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