DAP move a shot at stability: Hou

MP for Small Malaita and Leader of the Democratic Alliance Party Rick Houenipwela

Leader of the Democratic Alliance Party Rick Houenipwela is explaining his party’s sudden move to the government side as an effort to regain desperately needed political stability.

In an exclusive interview with SIBC today, Mr Houenipwela said the decision to join the caretaker government was not a one-man decision but a choice made by the party’s executive.

He said the government had been unstable for the past two years, and that was why his party decided to join the government.

Mr Houenipwela said his party did not receive any amount of money to switch sides and that the move was for the national interest, not his party’s interest.

If he is elected Prime Minister next week, the Member of Parliament for Small Malaita said his priority will be to maintain political stability and fix the country’s fiscal situation.

He said the government has been under constant threat from the ongoing instability.

He described the delivery of government as “dismal” and said that is not what he wants for the country.

“Because of this political instability, it has been reflected in our finances and the economy,” he said. “This is the consequence of a government that faces instability.”

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