Busy traffic in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

Busy traffic in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

Traffic police will be closing off the Didao bus stop in East Honiara as of tomorrow.

The bus stop, located just next to the Fishing Village market is one of the busiest stops in East Honiara serving people who travel to King George, Burns Creek, Lungga, and Henderson.

The Operation Manager for Traffic, Sergeant George Mauli told a Police Awareness Program last week the only proper bus-stop will be near the World Vision Office.

“The only proper bus stop will be located opposite the World Vision office, indicated by a sign bus stop and next to the mango tree at the Fishing village, at which buses usually stop, so between those two bus stops there will be no more bus stops. That means no buses can be allowed to stop anywhere other than these stops to pick up passengers.”

The Traffic Operations Manager also warned drivers against breaking traffic rules saying they will face consequences.

“If anyone stops between the two bus stops mentioned, they can be penalized or have their driving licenses be confiscated by the responsible authorities.”

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