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Eliza Kukutu- April 14, 2023

Passengers checking in at the departure terminal today. Travelers departing the country will now be using the new international departure terminal. The terminal opened its ... Read More

Police Commissioner warns bus drivers

admin- June 15, 2019

The traffic gridlock at the Honiara central market. Photo: Picturesque Photography‎. Police Commissioner Matthew Varley has sternly warn bus drivers in Honiara to observe traffic ... Read More

Public transports resume service

admin- November 8, 2018

Buses along the Kukum Highway. Photo credit: SIBC. All public buses and taxis resumed normal transportation services this evening. The decision came after the Inland ... Read More

Strike on for buses and taxis tomorrow

admin- November 7, 2018

Buses at the HCC headquarters in Honiara. All public buses and taxis in Honiara will cease service as of tomorrow morning. This was the outcome ... Read More

ADB and Gov’t sign agreement to fund priority transport projects

admin- October 25, 2018

The main road in Naha East Honiara, damaged by heavy rain. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Solomon Islands today signed a ... Read More

HCC cracks down on short bus routes, tinted glass

admin- April 4, 2018

Buses detained at the HCC headquarters in Honiara in January The Honiara City Council yesterday started revoking business licences from owners of public buses that ... Read More

HCC detains buses on first day of ordinance checks

admin- January 16, 2018

Buses detained at the Honiara City Council headquarters Since checks to enforce the Honiara City Council's new public bus ordinance began on Monday, 212 buses underwent ... Read More