MPA Michael Maeliau. Photo credit: Solomon Times online.

MPA Michael Maeliau. Photo credit: Solomon Times online.

Education with the intention to find a job should be discouraged, says the Minister for Peace, Unity, Reconciliation and Northern Regional Affairs, Michael Maeliau.

Minister Maeliau says instead children should be taught to successful manage themselves after leaving school.

He made the call in a meeting with teachers from North Malaita region in Auki Town yesterday.

The Provincial Government Minister says it’s now important that the education system equip school children with necessary skills and knowledge to successfully manage themselves after leaving schools.

SIBC News stringer for Malu’u in North Malaita, Lensley Kwaimani reports.

“He said we must break this labour mentality from our children. He said we must instill in our children to be education to become men and women who are capable of doing anything that comes their way.”

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