Rennell Island. Photo credit: Radio Australia online.

Rennell Island. Photo credit: Radio Australia online.

The West Rennell Landowners Council has convened its first Annual General Meeting this week.

The meeting was held on Tuesday this week at Matahenua Village.

It was organised after the Council became a legally registered body, and after the Council passed and adopted the Council’s constitution.

One of the meeting’s core business was to elect the Council’s board to serve the Council in the next three years.

Following the election Dictor Maitaki is Chairman, Luke Tuata is Deputy Chairman, Jay Pata is Treasurer and William Tino has been elected General Secretary.

A total of nine non-office bearers were also elected.

The Council is made up of 20 existing tribes in West Rennell and each tribe has a maximum of not more than two representatives.

This has brought the Council’s current membership to around 32 members.

Speaking as Chairman-elect at the meeting’s close, Dictor Maitaki thanked West Rennell Landowners Council members for having confidence in him to lead the council in the next three years.

Mr Maitaki also assured the Council the Board is fully committed and will meet soon to put together an annual work plan for the next 12 months.

The new Chairman also told Council members the biggest challenge for the council is to work in partnership with the National Government and West Rennell landowners to strive for a win-win position for all stakeholders.

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