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We need an IT professional

We need an IT professional…


SIBC needs the services of a qualified and reliable Information Technology professional to take care of all of SIBC’s IT systems and processes.

The appointee will

  • Attend daily to the website, directing enquiries to appropriate Heads of Units and responding to queries and requests
  • Assist the Sales Unit to load and manage online advertising
  • Report to the Operations Manager on the state of servers; hardware and software and liaise with systems experts on hardware and software issues
  • Examine and analyze site traffic and report monthly to and management.
  • Perform daily and weekly scheduled maintenance


The successful appointee will have

  • A degree in Information and Communication Technology or a degree with a major in IT
  • High level academic grades and previous good experience in working with websites and servers in tertiary institutions or in an active business environment
  • Good grades in English and Mathematics and
  • A good reputation for guarding IT systems against abuse and misuse

The names and contact details of two referees from previous employers or lecturers should be provided along with a full CV containing a list of what the candidate is capable of handling at a professional level.

Applications should be delivered to the SIBC Administrator by the 15th of August so that an appointment can be made in early September.

The addresses for delivery of applications are

SIBC, Matavale Crescent, Rove, Honiara

by email to  or to PO Box 654, Honiara.

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