Battle of Guadalcanal veteran back at old stomping ground


Harold William Berg standing in front on one of the monument.

“This place hasn’t changed a great deal  since we fought here”

Those were the words from 91 year old Battle Guadalcanal war veteran Harold William Berg while looking across the former battle ground of Bloody Ridge.

Mr Berg was stationed at Tulagi during the first offensive at Bloody Ridge and arrived two days later on Guadalcanal.

He was a member of the B company 1st raider battalion and  served in the Pacific on Guam and Guadalcanal.

He said the decision in unveiling the new monument and declaring of Bloody Ridge a national park was positive news in honoring those who fought  and died at Guadalcanal.

Prime Minister Hon Manaseh Sogavare unveiling the monument at Bloody Ridge.

“Its a terrific honor for me and the marine corpse  to be finally recognised today, on this hallowed ground,” he said.

“Many men from both sides left their families to come here and also lost their lives on this ground.”

Mr Berg said that he was impressed with how locals were looking after the memorial sites around the area and must continue with the good work in showing respect to those who died on Guadalcanal.

“A lot of people may not know or understand how the marines who fought here stood their ground to defend this island.”

The crowd at the unveiling ceremony.

Solomon Islands government in consultation with indigenous Guadalcanal landowners agreed to declare the area a national park, a news that was both welcomed by Japanese, American ,and local people.

In total 3 monuments were erected at bloody ridge to honor both American and Japanese troops.











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